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About @fleshindisguise

Tyler Williams is a freelance make-up artist from the warm and sunny depths of the san Gabriel Valley. She is currently based out of Los Angeles and is a Graduate of Make-up Designory with accumulated work and knowledge in the artistry ranging from beauty make-up to special effects techniques.

Tyler’s mission as a makeup artist is to express. It is significant in life to express vulnerability in all forms. The greatest form to showcase this is through her art. Makeup artistry is growing and being nurtured by makeup artists all over the world. It is her vision to create art on the canvas of the human body and face to signify something much greater through flesh in disguise. She has no limits in this world and will seek opportunity to constantly learn and grow. Tyler pushes herself to constantly evolve and wants her art pieces to feel their transformation not only on the outside, but on the inside as well.